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Baptism HAVING A BAPTISM ?   Baptism is the sacrament through which one is received into the Church. Through baptism we receive the full forgiveness of sins, we “ put on Christ ”, becoming members of His body, the Church. To remind them of their Baptism Orthodox Christians usually wear throughout life a small Cross, hung around the neck on a chain during their baptismal service. Immediately after Baptism, an Orthodox is “chrismated“ (confirmed) with the Chrism (in Greek “myron”) by the priest. The sponsor ( Godparent ) of the baptised person must be an Orthodox Christian above the age of 12. Only one name is given to the newly baptised person. The Sacrament of Holy Chrism receives Non-Orthodox Christians, wishing to enter the Orthodox Church if they have previously been baptised in the Name of the Holy Trinity. Fees : Archdiocese, Community and Registration Fees:   Speak to father Church Staff contribution: (Paid by Koumbari)  Speak to father For more information please contact our Parish Priests on : Ph :  (02) 9709 6908  /  (02) 9790 6791 E-mail :
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