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Ecclesiastical divorce An ecclesiastical divorce may be granted after a civil Decree Nisi Absolute has been given. However, the parish priest must exert every effort to reconcile the couple and avert the divorce.Should the priest fail to bring about reconciliation, he will convey the petition of the party seeking ecclesiastical divorce to the Spiritual Court of the Archdiocese. A copy of the Decree Nisi Absolute must accompany this petition and the fees for the Archdiocese.Such ecclesiastical divorce is necessary in the case of a second or third marriage, which is tolerated by our Church. Fees : Speak to father Granting of Ecclesiastical Divorce  :  Speak to father If both parties require Divorce  :  Speak to father Copy of Ecclesiastical Divorce  :  Speak to father For more information regarding Weddings, please contact our Parish Priests on  Ph : (02) 9709 6908  /  (02) 9790 6791 E-mail  :
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